An Idea for the Organization

At our meeting yesterday Mike, LIz, and I talked about how helpful it would be if we had some start up cash so we could put together other events before our main event.  After a little brainstorming, we thought that we could include the entire organization and possibly do something similar to late night pancakes.  It was such a success last time and we put it together in just a couple days.  Now we have weeks to plan and we already have some experience in how to be successful in this endeavor.  We thought this would be a great way for the organization to come together as a whole and pull together a little money for each teams’ next event.  We also brainstormed a couple events that we as a team could do on our own although we are still undecided on the best course of action.  We think these side events will be beneficial to us and to the organization as a whole because as the old saying goes “you need to have money to make money.”


Meeting Today!

Today we met again in our usual spot in Suites.

The following are some points we touched upon during the course of our meeting.

  1. We discussed going to the Bowling Ally with Chris but may need to wait since our schedules are not aligned at this time.
  2. The flyers for our event will be done by Sunday night. We decided that we would make flyers in stages because we definitely want to include a batch of flyers with the child’s face on it. We also at some point will want to include flyers with our event sponsors on it. So we will start with basic flyers just to get the word out and as information becomes available we will print more from there. Chris works at a technology company where they can print a large amount of flyers for us, so we thank him for being a rescource with regards to our flyer
  3.  Liz emailed Steve Sears last week and we’re hoping to meet with him to discuss possibly having transpiration from campus to our event in Warwick on April 27. He still has not gotten back to us.
  4. We are continuing to wait on a response from Dana who is looking into children whose families would be available to actually participate in the event. We are eager to choose I child to sponsor who is available on that date. We are currently waiting on her to make a decision on which child we are going to sponsor. Once we have that information, flyers will be made with pictures and other information about the child.
  5. Liz spoke to the editor and chief at COWL this week. Unfortunately, his response was not what we had hoped for. He said they do not advertise unless it is a week before the event and they only allocate an 8th of the page to the advertisement. We are currently looking into other avenues of advertising our event on the COWL. If anyone has any ideas, please let us know!
  6. Liz also spoke to a representative at PC TV to inquire about advertising though them as well. Similar to the COWL they do not advertise until 2 weeks before an event, but we now know how to go about filling out the correct forms for this!
  7.  I spoke with the head of sports broadcasting at WDOM and his news was positive. He said that we should write a blurb about our event and email it to him so we can distribute it to the shows and have them say a advertise leading up to our event.
  8. We plan on meeting with Chris next week to have further discussions about places we can ask to donate food as well as raffle ideas. After that meeting we plan on visiting some restaurants and local shops to see if they would be willing to donate supplies/ food/ raffles to our event.
  9. We also discussed fundraising on the side to raise some capital before hand. We also talked about possibly doing a fundraiser as a whole organization like we did with the pancake and then distributing the profits to the teams for petty cash to help with funds necessary for their main event.  We also further discussed some ideas we could personally do as a team to have some fundraising on the side to make some start up capital.

Connecting PC to our Bowling Event

On Sunday, we came up with the thought that, while we want the bowling event to have many kids, it would also be great to get some PC students there! We had talked about possibly getting a bus sign up to Warwick, but knew that the funds might be an issue. I had remembered Dean Sears talking about weekend fund allocations at the Winter Refresher for Clubs this January and decided he would be a good person to contact.

Dean Sears responded, “I would be happy to help out.”

Now we are trying to plan a time to meet with him and then we can be rest assured that PC students will have access to our event!

We’ve heard back from the PCTV President and she has directed us to an online form that we need to fill out for advertising our event. We decided we would hold off on this until April because we know that students would be more likely to remember the dates closer to the actual event!

Sunday Meeting

At the meeting on Sunday we discussed how we wanted to use social media to help promote our event and help people learn more about our cause. We now have pages set up on Facebook and Twitter.  We also talked about using our connections through The Cowl, PC TV, and WDOM.  In future posts we will keep you updated on how things are going through these venues. We also talked about getting permission to visit elementary schools in the area of the bowling alley to give pamphlets and raise awareness about our event.  We also discussed the importance of getting donations such as food for the event and prizes for a raffle.  We realize that we have the ability to provide a ton of advertising to any organization that would like to help us out.  We can provide advertising on our blog, the Facebook page, Twitter, and we can also provide advertising on the flyers we will be handing out.  We already started outlining the flyer at our meeting.  We will have another meeting with Chris this week and continue to keep moving forward to make this Rock n Bowl event enough to make a child’s wish come true.

Online Donations

We had planned on using CrowdRise to collect donations for our event. However, upon asking Dana, Children’s Wishes Executive Director, about the organization’s tax identification number, she asked us whether or not this site took a percentage. We looked into it and contacted a customer service representative to find out that they do! If we went through that site, we would lose almost 10% of our donations to CrowdRise.

Therefore, we are arranging something with Dana for our donations to be collected through their website, thus having 100% of the donations go towards granting a child’s wish!

Once it is up and running, we will be sure to share the link!

Event Scheduled!

We are pleased to announce that our Bowling Event has tentatively been scheduled for Sunday April 27, at 3PM! Dana emailed a list of names of children we can sponsor. Obviously, this a very difficult decision to make since every one of them is deserving of our donation. We will be deciding and finalizing our decision before Sunday. As mentioned in previous posts we are planning on meeting with Chris again next Wednesday, so we are excited for that as well! There is still much planning to do, but we are excited to see our ideas starting to shape into reality!

Team Bonding

We have discussed the importance of team bonding on multiple occasions, and generally we talk about how positive experiences bring people in the organization closer together.  Before the PC vs. Villanova basketball game Liz and I had an unplanned bonding experience that happened to due car trouble.  We had planned to meet outside Accinno and walk to my house to pick up my car (named Dom in case you were curious) then arrive early to the game to help another organization raise money for Children’s Wishes.  I get in the car, turn the key and nothing.  I relax, take a deep breathe, attempt to coax Dom with some encouraging words, turn the key, and nothing.  After looking around I realized that my roommate who had borrowed the car earlier had left the headlights on and parked all the way in the back corner of our driveway so there is no easy way to jump the car from the angle it’s parked in.  So I asked a couple roommates to help and there were four of us outside pushing the car as hard as we could over snow and ice. We were slipping, falling, laughing, rearranging other cars, digging tires out.  It was a fiasco, but in the end it all worked out and we were able to jump Dom and still get to the basketball game in time to help out.  So while this may not have been the positive bonding experience we had planned on having, we all had a good laugh and became closer as a result.  We all learned stress and tough situations can build bonds just as well as good times.

Our First Donation to Children’s Wishes!

We are please to report that the event at the basketball game was a success. Collectively as a group we were able to raise $1081! After arriving at the game we met with our contact, Dana, who gave us t-shirts and buckets to collect donations from alumni and students who went to the game. We are happy to report that 100% of that money will be going to Children’s Wishes! Hopefully this will be a small contribution to our overall total which should be accumulated after our main event!

Exciting Meeting in Warwick Tonight!

Tonight, the three of us met up with Chris, manager of Tech911 and one of Dana’s major contacts. He has been working with Children’s Wishes for many years and was eager to give us some details.

Chris told us about Meadow Brook Lanes, a bowling alley in Warwick that would be willing to help out with the fundraiser. We would charge each bowler the usual $10, but Meadow Brook would only keep $5, so we could make $5/person for Children’s Wishes. Meadow Brook is generous enough that they would let us rent out the entire alley for a Friday night or Sunday afternoon. Chris told us about a few dates that would work and Mike, Pat, Dana, and I have to decide which date works best for the event. We will have that decision made by the end of this week. However, we have narrowed down that we definitely will be having the event in April, as it gives us planning time.

Chris informed us that he has many local connections that would possibly be willing to sponsor us or help us advertise, including Cardi’s Furniture and East Commerce Solutions.

Pat, Mike, and I are going to create flyers and a Facebook page before next week. We also have to think up some creative incentives, raffle items, and games that we could have happening during our event. The three of us have our work cut out for us, but we have never been so excited about a project!

We plan to make our meetings with Chris weekly and are excited that we have already scheduled to meet him next week!

So grateful for such helpful people and great connections through Children’s Wishes!