Today’s Adventures

Mike, Pat, and I just returned from over two hours of “sponsor hunting.” After printing out flyers, sponsorship paperwork, and tax exemption forms, we drove around Warwick searching for small businesses, asking for sponsors or raffle items. If neither of these options were possible, we asked to at least hang a flyer so that more people know about our event.

In the car before our first stop, Mike brought up a good point. We needed to emphasize that we are going to advertise their company in return for their donations. We expect over 200 people at our event and expect our flyers to reach MANY more, so sponsoring us would be helpful to Children’s Wishes as well as their business. With this in mind, we went from store to store, restaurant to restaurant asking for people interested in helping out.

Chris had suggested to go to Hooters because they had hosted a wing night for Children’s Wishes in the past. There, we were given 4 wing coupons, 4 t-shirts, and playing cards. This valued out to be roughly $100. The manager on duty took our information and told us he would speak with his boss about possible gift cards.

A pizza shop, Picasso’s, gave us a $25 gift card and promised us another if we came back the following week. We asked if we could use their busy establishment to advertise with our flyers on tables and she agreed if we came back next week with the table tents. She also told us that she would talk to her boss about possibly sponsoring a lane. A nail salon gave us $20 cash donation. A few liquor stores seemed that they were happy to help, but needed us to return back when the boss was there. They may give us gift cards or bottles of wine when we go back next week.

We were also suggested to call the owner of LDC to donate jewelry or possibly sponsor the event. He seems on board with helping, but wanted us to e-mail him with the papers first! Fingers crossed!

The truth is, we did receive many “NO’s.” However, we also ended up with a few small donations, flyers up around local venues, and some promising conversations to follow up on. What was there to lose?


Dinner with Chris

Last night we met with our partner Chris at a restaurant named Sophia’s.  Chris wanted to meet here because Sophia’s will be sponsoring our bowling event and he thought that we should check out the restaurant and try some of their food.  To be honest, the restaurant was delicious.  I think I speak for the team when I say that every bite was absolutely fantastic.  I personally could have continued to eat all night if I did not think I might have burst at the seams.  We did talk some business towards the beginning of the meeting especially about finding and talking to businesses that might be interested in sponsoring our event.  Chris gave us the truth and said this way was hands down going to be the toughest part of putting this event on.  He told to expect a lot of people to say no to us but not to give up hope because every sponsorship we do get is another one we did not have before and we are that much closer to helping a child’s wish come true.  He also gave us a few pointers such as which areas of Rhode Island are loaded with smaller businesses that are more likely to say yes and to make sure that we always ask to speak to a manager or an owner because they are the only ones who can say yes.  He also told us about a couple of businesses that have said yes in the past, although we are mostly on our own for the business we choose to ask to sponsor our cause.  The majority of our time was spent enjoying excellent food and even better company.  In the restaurant environment we all felt a little bit more free and shared a little more about ourselves.  We learned a lot about Chris and he had us in stitches for a large part of the time we were at the restaurant.  We have had our own team bonding experiences, but it was really fun to have a similar type of experience with our partner and to have such a good time doing it.  I think getting to know Chris better is an important aspect to what we are trying to accomplish because the closer we are with the people and the cause we are working for I think the more we are willing to sacrifice time and energy to do the very best we possibly can.  As a team we walked out of the restaurant more than appreciative of Chris for treating us to dinner, but also we all felt as if we had become more than just partners with him.  Now he is much more like a friend.  So the next thing for us to do is dedicate our time and energy going to these businesses and seeing if we can add a bunch more sponsors to our event and help further our cause.

Donate Online!

After speaking with Dana about our desire to fundraise online, but our hesitancy to use online sites that take some of our funds. We had Dana help to set up an ability to donate online on their website under “bowl-a-thon.”

Click here to go to the donation page of Children’s Wishes, then after entering a donation amount and filling out the details, the bottom of the page gives an option of “donation type.” One of the scroll down options is Bowl-a-thon! Children’s wishes will be keeping track of the donations that come in honor of our event and will update us accordingly.

Now we just need to market this ability!

APPLICATION APPLICATION APPLICATION! – Utilizing What We Learned In Networked!

We are very excited and proud to announce that we have the following sponsors donating to our event. We learned through the networks book to not be afraid of failing. The biggest take away from this book is to utilize the connections that you have! We were so surprised by how easy it was just to simply ask and therefore how many connections we were able to make. That was the most important part. Simply asking was crucial because if we never did that we would never have gotten sponsorship like this. The hardest part is getting in the mindset of asking as many people as possible and not being afraid of getting turned down because the worst-case scenario is you walk into the next business and try again. We are hoping to distribute more flyers on Friday 28th and continue to “hit up” local business for donations or pure sponsorship. We will be offering to put their logo on a sponsor board as well as over a bowling lane or on a table depending on the quantity of their donation. We want to continue with targeting local businesses because, as helpful as their sponsorship would be to us we are also hoping to help them advertize as well considering we hopefully will have anywhere between 250 and 500 people there!

We received official forms from Children’s Wishes to have a small business fill out when sponsoring us, which is really important. If you are going to try this, make sure you have a information sheet explaining the organization and what is you are doing as well as a form for them to fill out when donating money. Not only will this help you keep track, it also comes off as more professional and probably eliminate issues that might arise otherwise down the road. I urge everybody to apply what we’ve learned through networks and go out there and try it!! You’ll be surprised at how simple it is to ask a question and how responsive some businesses can be.

So far we have Cardi’s Funriture who has agreed to give us 2 $250 gift cards for our raffle. Sophia’s Tuscan Grille has committed to catering the entire event free of charge, which would have been an expense north of $200. East Commerce is also donating raffle items as well. Tech 911 is doing all of our printing and slide shows during the event as well as helping us organize the set up of the actual event. And of course Childrens Wishes are donating T’shirts, magnets, banners and more to help make our event personal and remind those of what this event is all about! We also have a DJ who is a connection we found through Tech 911 who has offered to DJ the entire event completely free of charge! We are extremely excited about our sponsors and cannot wait to add more to the list!

Also, be sure to check out our “What We’ve Raised Page” at the top of our home page next to our “About Us” page for updated info on our total amount of money collected thus far!



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Check Out Our New Flyer!


Click on the link to see our new flyer for our event. After many versions we finally have our first flyer. We have been working hard to secure our sponsors for the event and have gotten commitments from all of our sponsors listed on the flyer! We are very excited to see who will  be added our sponsor list in the future.

Meeting at Warwick Lanes

Tonight the three of us drove over to check out our venue and meet up with our community partner, Dana, and her great contact, Chris.

We were able to be inspired with some ideas of how to set up our event by actually being there and seeing the location. We ironed out some logistics and talked about things that can be done in the next week.

Cardi’s Furniture is donating two $250 gift cards to our raffle! East Commerce Solutions gave Dana a $2,000 sponsorship for all Children’s Wishes events upcoming as well (while this can’t count towards our funding, we will surely recognize them as a sponsor). And by next weekend, Mike, Pat, and I will find a time when the three of us can go around and ask for more local donations in the Warwick area.

When talking about how to spread the word, Chris mentioned that he had a contact with the Girl Scouts. He is going to send us the contact information, but hopefully we will be able to get some troop members of either Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts to attend our event.
Dana and her intern are going to put our flyer up on their website and enable an online donation option once we add the new sponsors to the flyer. She is also going to send us some more official papers on sponsorship so that we can hand them out when we ask around next week. We’ve decided that we will give companies the option of donating items or having their logo appear at our event ($100 for appearing on all of the tables and $200 for having a lane named after your business).
Over the next week, we will be setting up a Google page to organize early sign-ups so that we can all view and edit it.

Face Paint and Balloons

I have contacted a few local venues to see if we could have someone volunteer their time to do face painting for the kids at the event. We’ve also contacted party venues to see if balloons can be donated.

I am still waiting to hear back from some of the party venues, but the face painters were unable to attend the event. Does anyone have any connections they may suggest for someone local who would be interested in providing the face painting service? Please let us know

Social Media

We’ve been trying to update our Facebook page and events this week. We have been telling friends to “like” our page and trying to get them to encourage their friends to do the same. While we aren’t on campus this week, we still want to be spreading the word!

Remember, save the date! April 27th at Meadow Brook Lanes in Warwick.

“Like” our Facebook page if you haven’t yet! And follow us on Twitter