Students have big hearts!… and more discretionary income



We made a cereal box into a collection box and printed off some flyers. We decided that while it is easy to get the word out to students via Twitter and Facebook, administration and faculty might not have the same opportunity to learn about our group, People Helping People, and our mission. Therefore, we decided it would be helpful if we targeted a different group of people with our fundraising efforts. We made the decision to go to offices within Harkins and talk to adults. There we would tell them about People Helping People and also be able to make a shameless plug for our event in April (seeing as many of them are parents who may want to bring their kids to the bowling event). After passing some time in Harkins, we realized that we were getting only negative responses, as people were questioning if this was okay and if SAIL had approved. We decided since this week only allotted us limited time to do our fundraising that we needed a different plan.

Mike and I each split up and went to different dorms to advertise door-to-door and collect donations. (Pat is already en route to Boston for his tests, so could not join. Good luck, Pat!) I decided I would try Meagher Hall because I knew that no other team had gone there yet. Mike tried Suites.

Wow! Thank you so very much to all who donated! We were so impressed. In Meagher, I had one room donate $10 and one $5 and then nearly every other room gave a dollar or two and some spare change. We touched base after our dorm-to-dorm fundraising and realized that together our total was $51.50! Thank you PC students for your generosity.

We would keep fundraising tonight, but Mike and I have a meeting in Warwick with Chris from Tech911 about raffle ideas and then we will come back just in time for our meeting with Friars Fight Cancer and directly following that, we have our organizational meeting. AKA: Spring break is going to be a well deserved one!

Great news: Todd Incantalupo was able to put up a slide about People Helping People on Chanel 87. It will be there until the end of the year!!