Team Progress: Recap Of What We’ve Been Up To This Week

Today we completed out team challenge of raising $51.50, but Liz posted in depth about our adventures today so see her post for further details.

After collecting the money, we met with Chris again for further planning. We printed out our first batch of flyers and we decided to change some details on the flyers like the sponsors logos and other technical details. We also discussed catering for the event and contacted Sofia’s Tuscan Grille and they committed to catering the event free of charge! We called a DJ who is a client of Chris’ and he committed to DJ for a very low fee of $50. We are currently looking into more donations from restaurants and shops for our raffle. Chris is us helping get in touch with a contact who might be able to donate a TV for a raffle so we are very excited for that!

Our next focus will be on posting flyers, visiting schools, and advertising in the area. We will also continue to ask for donations for raffle items like Liz did this past weekend.

We are planning on meeting with Chris and one of his contacts at the Bowling Alley on March 19 to continue our planning process.

After our meeting with Chris we rushed back to meet with the class as a whole at 8:30.