Meeting at Warwick Lanes

Tonight the three of us drove over to check out our venue and meet up with our community partner, Dana, and her great contact, Chris.

We were able to be inspired with some ideas of how to set up our event by actually being there and seeing the location. We ironed out some logistics and talked about things that can be done in the next week.

Cardi’s Furniture is donating two $250 gift cards to our raffle! East Commerce Solutions gave Dana a $2,000 sponsorship for all Children’s Wishes events upcoming as well (while this can’t count towards our funding, we will surely recognize them as a sponsor). And by next weekend, Mike, Pat, and I will find a time when the three of us can go around and ask for more local donations in the Warwick area.

When talking about how to spread the word, Chris mentioned that he had a contact with the Girl Scouts. He is going to send us the contact information, but hopefully we will be able to get some troop members of either Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts to attend our event.
Dana and her intern are going to put our flyer up on their website and enable an online donation option once we add the new sponsors to the flyer. She is also going to send us some more official papers on sponsorship so that we can hand them out when we ask around next week. We’ve decided that we will give companies the option of donating items or having their logo appear at our event ($100 for appearing on all of the tables and $200 for having a lane named after your business).
Over the next week, we will be setting up a Google page to organize early sign-ups so that we can all view and edit it.

2 thoughts on “Meeting at Warwick Lanes

  1. The sponsorship is a brilliant idea. My group also talked about that today. I believe it is an easy way to get money and to use your networking resources. I would also personally connect with your contact person for those companies on LinkedIn, because you’re getting their names out there! You may also be able to get advertisements up on their tv score thingies. Sometimes, when a lane isn’t being used, they have powerpoint slide-like ads going on. Just an idea!

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