APPLICATION APPLICATION APPLICATION! – Utilizing What We Learned In Networked!

We are very excited and proud to announce that we have the following sponsors donating to our event. We learned through the networks book to not be afraid of failing. The biggest take away from this book is to utilize the connections that you have! We were so surprised by how easy it was just to simply ask and therefore how many connections we were able to make. That was the most important part. Simply asking was crucial because if we never did that we would never have gotten sponsorship like this. The hardest part is getting in the mindset of asking as many people as possible and not being afraid of getting turned down because the worst-case scenario is you walk into the next business and try again. We are hoping to distribute more flyers on Friday 28th and continue to “hit up” local business for donations or pure sponsorship. We will be offering to put their logo on a sponsor board as well as over a bowling lane or on a table depending on the quantity of their donation. We want to continue with targeting local businesses because, as helpful as their sponsorship would be to us we are also hoping to help them advertize as well considering we hopefully will have anywhere between 250 and 500 people there!

We received official forms from Children’s Wishes to have a small business fill out when sponsoring us, which is really important. If you are going to try this, make sure you have a information sheet explaining the organization and what is you are doing as well as a form for them to fill out when donating money. Not only will this help you keep track, it also comes off as more professional and probably eliminate issues that might arise otherwise down the road. I urge everybody to apply what we’ve learned through networks and go out there and try it!! You’ll be surprised at how simple it is to ask a question and how responsive some businesses can be.

So far we have Cardi’s Funriture who has agreed to give us 2 $250 gift cards for our raffle. Sophia’s Tuscan Grille has committed to catering the entire event free of charge, which would have been an expense north of $200. East Commerce is also donating raffle items as well. Tech 911 is doing all of our printing and slide shows during the event as well as helping us organize the set up of the actual event. And of course Childrens Wishes are donating T’shirts, magnets, banners and more to help make our event personal and remind those of what this event is all about! We also have a DJ who is a connection we found through Tech 911 who has offered to DJ the entire event completely free of charge! We are extremely excited about our sponsors and cannot wait to add more to the list!

Also, be sure to check out our “What We’ve Raised Page” at the top of our home page next to our “About Us” page for updated info on our total amount of money collected thus far!



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