Today’s Adventures

Mike, Pat, and I just returned from over two hours of “sponsor hunting.” After printing out flyers, sponsorship paperwork, and tax exemption forms, we drove around Warwick searching for small businesses, asking for sponsors or raffle items. If neither of these options were possible, we asked to at least hang a flyer so that more people know about our event.

In the car before our first stop, Mike brought up a good point. We needed to emphasize that we are going to advertise their company in return for their donations. We expect over 200 people at our event and expect our flyers to reach MANY more, so sponsoring us would be helpful to Children’s Wishes as well as their business. With this in mind, we went from store to store, restaurant to restaurant asking for people interested in helping out.

Chris had suggested to go to Hooters because they had hosted a wing night for Children’s Wishes in the past. There, we were given 4 wing coupons, 4 t-shirts, and playing cards. This valued out to be roughly $100. The manager on duty took our information and told us he would speak with his boss about possible gift cards.

A pizza shop, Picasso’s, gave us a $25 gift card and promised us another if we came back the following week. We asked if we could use their busy establishment to advertise with our flyers on tables and she agreed if we came back next week with the table tents. She also told us that she would talk to her boss about possibly sponsoring a lane. A nail salon gave us $20 cash donation. A few liquor stores seemed that they were happy to help, but needed us to return back when the boss was there. They may give us gift cards or bottles of wine when we go back next week.

We were also suggested to call the owner of LDC to donate jewelry or possibly sponsor the event. He seems on board with helping, but wanted us to e-mail him with the papers first! Fingers crossed!

The truth is, we did receive many “NO’s.” However, we also ended up with a few small donations, flyers up around local venues, and some promising conversations to follow up on. What was there to lose?