Team Progress: Recap Of What We’ve Been Up To This Week

Today we completed out team challenge of raising $51.50, but Liz posted in depth about our adventures today so see her post for further details.

After collecting the money, we met with Chris again for further planning. We printed out our first batch of flyers and we decided to change some details on the flyers like the sponsors logos and other technical details. We also discussed catering for the event and contacted Sofia’s Tuscan Grille and they committed to catering the event free of charge! We called a DJ who is a client of Chris’ and he committed to DJ for a very low fee of $50. We are currently looking into more donations from restaurants and shops for our raffle. Chris is us helping get in touch with a contact who might be able to donate a TV for a raffle so we are very excited for that!

Our next focus will be on posting flyers, visiting schools, and advertising in the area. We will also continue to ask for donations for raffle items like Liz did this past weekend.

We are planning on meeting with Chris and one of his contacts at the Bowling Alley on March 19 to continue our planning process.

After our meeting with Chris we rushed back to meet with the class as a whole at 8:30.


Students have big hearts!… and more discretionary income



We made a cereal box into a collection box and printed off some flyers. We decided that while it is easy to get the word out to students via Twitter and Facebook, administration and faculty might not have the same opportunity to learn about our group, People Helping People, and our mission. Therefore, we decided it would be helpful if we targeted a different group of people with our fundraising efforts. We made the decision to go to offices within Harkins and talk to adults. There we would tell them about People Helping People and also be able to make a shameless plug for our event in April (seeing as many of them are parents who may want to bring their kids to the bowling event). After passing some time in Harkins, we realized that we were getting only negative responses, as people were questioning if this was okay and if SAIL had approved. We decided since this week only allotted us limited time to do our fundraising that we needed a different plan.

Mike and I each split up and went to different dorms to advertise door-to-door and collect donations. (Pat is already en route to Boston for his tests, so could not join. Good luck, Pat!) I decided I would try Meagher Hall because I knew that no other team had gone there yet. Mike tried Suites.

Wow! Thank you so very much to all who donated! We were so impressed. In Meagher, I had one room donate $10 and one $5 and then nearly every other room gave a dollar or two and some spare change. We touched base after our dorm-to-dorm fundraising and realized that together our total was $51.50! Thank you PC students for your generosity.

We would keep fundraising tonight, but Mike and I have a meeting in Warwick with Chris from Tech911 about raffle ideas and then we will come back just in time for our meeting with Friars Fight Cancer and directly following that, we have our organizational meeting. AKA: Spring break is going to be a well deserved one!

Great news: Todd Incantalupo was able to put up a slide about People Helping People on Chanel 87. It will be there until the end of the year!!

Challenges of $50 Challenge

This week has been terribly busy consisting of conflicting schedules between all teammates. We have been trying to get the word out through the new People Helping People Twitter Account. We have followed over 200 students on campus in hopes of getting more followers.

We have tried to set up Ray tables through SAIL for this Wednesday, but we received a response from Sharon Hay saying that it needs time to process through the office and that it would not be able to happen until after spring break. We also found out through her that any flyers on campus would take time to process.

We are mainly focusing on trying to spread the message of our group, but we need to start considering how to raise the funds. The only time that we usually can all meet up throughout the weekdays is Wednesday evenings and we already have a meeting with Chris in Warwick.

Mike and I had talked about going around on Wednesday to students to collect donations; now we just need to iron out some more ideas!

Facing Fear of Asking for Donations

Today, I ventured to the Providence Place Mall to speak with a few stores about possibly giving gift certificates or donation items to help with our raffle that we will be having at the bowling event.

Overall, the day was a little disappointing. I figured that since the three of us are not very well connected in Warwick (where we will be having our event), it would be good to get some big-names that people anywhere would recognize as part of our raffle. However, big names generally correlated to inability to donate items without going through corporate. The following summarizes my encounters with different establishments:

Panera Bread: Requested that we fill out an online donation form. (I just did this and after registering and filling out requests, the automated response was “Thank you for thinking of Panera Bread® for your donation needs. At this time, this online system is not set up to accommodate donation requests for this particular Franchise-operated bakery-cafe…”

Old Navy: They were very friendly and helpful! I spoke with a manager and gave my information and I should be hearing back within a few days after they talk to the district manager.

Sur la Table: They said no because corporate is in Seattle and only works with local organizations there.

Apple: They gave me an e-mail address to get in touch with someone.

SmartToys: They gave me an e-mail address.

Yankee Candle: They gave me an e-mail address.

Godiva: They do not donate.

Cinema: Took my information and will let me know this week. The woman I spoke with was extremely friendly and helpful.

Sports & More: I spoke with a very helpful manager who seemed more than willing to donate at least one small item, but he will be getting back to me this week.

I sent all the e-mails I could with more information about the event and then sent Dana of Children’s Wishes an e-mail to ask her if she had official documents to hand out when we ask for donations.

So it was not exactly the most fun, easiest experience today, but amid so many “NOs,” if we end up at least with one or two yeses, I suppose it was worth the trip!