Reflection On This Semester

Upon reflecting, I think we did a lot of good this semester. This was by far the most rewarding class I have taken at PC. There was a lot of hard work and definitely exiting from my comfort zone. But overall, I have learned a lot about myself through this class. If I don’t take anything away from college, I will always remember that you can do anything with the right mindset. From doing the work we did this semester I have learned that anything is possible if you’re in the right mindset.

Thank you Tom and Maria for giving us the ‘rare’ opportunity to learn something about ourselves and giving us the chance to really make a difference. Besides the learning, we were all able to make a difference this semester and that’s what this class is all about. Thank you to my class for making this experience so rewarding as well as a fun time as well. And lastly, thank you to my teammates from helping children. Without you guys our success would not have been possible and our impact on Childrens Wishes would not have been the same.

I’ll be honest, I’m going to miss blogging because it has become such a habit throughout the semester.

This class offers you something that probably no other class offers you. The humbling experience of actually learning about yourself and making a difference while you do it. Helping Childrens Wises this semester has been one of the most gratifying experiences  have ever had. Ronald Regan once said, “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” I think all of us were able to help someone this semester and that is a rare experience when taking a college course. Finally, I know when I started this semester I had no idea that I was going to make a difference in the way that we did. I also had no idea I was going to change the way I look at every obstacle I come across in life. But overcoming those challenges and getting in the right mindset is a learning experience I will always carry with me from this course.  No one put this better than Theodore Roosevelt who once said, “Believe that you can and you’re halfway there.”

Final Presentation Video


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