About Us

We all share the same passion for the health and happiness of children. No kid should be prevented from enjoying their childhood.

Mike Escribano

I am a Junior here at PC and I am from New York. I am a Finance and Management double major. I am currently a member of the Providence College Funk Ensemble. I enjoy reaching out and doing community service as well as playing sports and keeping active. I am also a huge supporter of Barcelona as well as the Brooklyn Nets.

Liz Saville
Originally from the North Shore of Massachusetts, I am a member of Providence College Class of 2015. I am a Management major. I am an active member of Colleges Against Cancer, Toastmasters, WDOM 91.3, and various intramural sports. My love for working to help children has led me to past fundraisers for Children’s Hospital Boston,  coaching, volunteering at Hasbro Children’s Hospital, teaching English to native spanish kids, and I am currently in the interview process to become a Big Sister.
Pat Smith
I’m a senior at Providence College and a business management major.  I have been a swimmer for most of my life and worked as a lifeguard, a private swim instructor, camp counselor and swim coach.  My roommate has MPS I and when he was younger he made a wish to meet one of his hero’s, The Rock.  I would like to do as much to help the cause as possible.

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