10 Hours of Planning & Hanging Out Together in Warwick

Mike, Pat, and I just returned from a ten hour, all-day outing to put everything together for our event tomorrow. Since we already have done all of the hardest work of getting the sponsors and raffle items, we thought today might be a few hours, but it ended up turning into the whole day. Yet, we got so much done and had a lot of fun hanging out together with Chris.

We went to Chris’s house and organized all of our raffle prizes to be grouped together to see how many more raffle baskets, clear wrap, and ribbons to buy. We typed up what each basket includes, typed up all of our sponsors (Platinum, Gold, and Silver), and typed up all of our sponsors’ logos for the table.

We piled in Chris’s truck and went store to store getting raffle tickets, decorations, presentation boards, raffle baskets, cellophane, ribbon, stamps, etc. After our shopping was done, we went to Chris’s office to use his printer and set up our boards. We had a blast taking turns printing, using the paper-cutter, and the laminator to make some amazing sponsor’s boards and a board that had a list of all 8 of our raffle baskets. We spent several hours there.

Then we went to pick up our last raffle item, which was a gift card to Chill-out-Loud, a frozen yogurt place. Of course, we also had to try out the flavors and toppings ourselves while we were there too ;). Then, we went back to Chris’s house to assemble all of our baskets and sit down for a nice meal of pizza and wings with he and his family.

I think I can speak for the entire group when I say that after all of the time and work we have put into the event, it is going to be bittersweet to see it end. We have become really close to each other and to Chris throughout this whole process. However, we also will be excited to have the stress and nerves of it behind us because we hope that after everything we have done, we have a full house tomorrow and bring Children’s Wishes lots and lots of money! Fingers crossed.

After a long day today, we only have another 12 hours before we get back together tomorrow at 10:45 a.m. to pick up balloons, some gifts that we want to buy Dana and Chris, and then head over to Chris’s to fill up the car with all the raffle items, decorations, and boards. Then we are going to be at the alley early to start setting up for our event, which starts at 3 and lasts until 7.

Busy weekend, we can only hope this work pays off!





Group Meeting and Updated “What We’ve Raised Page”

Today we met to create a schedule for the following week. Our event is scheduled for this Sunday, so we are definitely feeling a sense of urgency. We are planing on taking shifts outside P.F. Changs on Wednesday handing out flyers/coupons for our event. People who use our coupons at P.F. Changs for dinner Wednesday night will have 20% of their bill donated directly to Childrens Wishes.

We are planning on getting final decorations and other supplies for our event on Friday and Saturday. We are also planning on making our own sponsor board, so supplies for that will need to be purchased as well.

Finally, Liz was able to secure $85 of pure donations to Childrens Wishes so our “What We’ve Raised” page has been updated to reflect a total amount of $2,202.50 donated to Childrens Wishes thus far. We are very excited about our event coming up this week and can’t wait to finally see the results of our labor over the entire semester.

Secondary Fundraiser and More Event Progress

After talking about fundraising with a few friends, I was given a suggestion to call PF Changs to see if they would be willing to have a weeknight that they give some of their proceeds to Children’s Wishes. I have been calling over the past couple of weeks, and today I finally was able to reach the manager I needed to speak with. I explained the cause and our mission and she agreed to help out by having one night in which anyone who comes in with a voucher for Children’s Wishes will have 20% of their bill put towards the organization. She told me she had to set the date at least 4 weeks out and I pleaded that we have it earlier so that we could put our best efforts in before our final’s week and she agreed. We settled on Wednesday, April 23rd. We should be getting an email to fill out some tax forms within a day or two and then we will be able to begin talking up this night a well. We want to advertise our bowling event as we pass out vouchers for PF Changs.

EXCITING NEWS: We have had our first group contact us to reserve a lane. We are unsure how many people will opt to reserve lanes prior, but we hope that lots do. We hope that this trend continues. It has been helpful that we created our very own gmail account just for this event so that we can have a more official/universal address amongst us.

Today, Mike, Pat, and I did our weekly drive around Warwick to advertise our event and get some sponsorships. We picked up a gift card from Competitor’s Closet, a small dance and cheering uniform store. They also took some flyers to help us spread the word. We also stopped by other kid-friendly locations. One of them was a trampoline park. They were very interested in donating gift cards and they plan to even send a mascot to our event; however, the manager in charge of donations will have to contact us within the next few days. We tried at Chuck-e-Cheese, but it seems like it will be a pain to go through corporate.

After, we met with Chris, Dana, and one of Chris’s coworkers to talk more about the event and plan our next few weeks of what needs to get done. We feel like we are really in control, but there is still a lot we can do to keep spreading the word. We got a facepainter on board for donating her time to helping us at the event. We also decided it might be a good idea to incorporate both the raffle and a silent auction, in hopes of getting some more money at the event.

Dana, the director of Children’s Wishes, has her really big fundraiser, the Date Auction tomorrow. She is giving a speech and also going to have some media there. We used what we learned in Networked and asked if she could please help us by sharing our event with those there. She plans to talk up our event and have a few flyers there to hopefully gain some more interest in Bowling for Wishes.

Less than three weeks! 🙂

Sunday Meeting

Our meeting on Sunday was easily one of the best meetings we had all year.  Liz had offered earlier in the week to make dinner for Mike and I and we could also have our regular meeting as well.  Dinner which consisted of chicken and pasta with sauce was absolutely delicious! Thank you Liz!  So it was nice that we all got to sit down and have a meal with each other and while we had dinner we talked about a few different subjects which for the most part did not have much to do with our project.  We talked about relay for life which Liz had put a great deal of time and effort into and we also talked about Mike’s job interview on Friday which went really well.  After dinner, we sat down and discussed what we were going to do in the upcoming weeks leading up to the event.  There is still quite a bit of work to be done, but we decided that this week is going to be our last push to make partnerships, and find sponsors before we begin to lay out our final plans for the event.  So we spent some time on Sunday focusing on making a timeline for the event day and thinking about what is going to need our time, focus, and energy that day and leading up to that day.

Today’s Update

As a team, we have recently been focusing on finding businesses that will sponsor or donate to our cause so we can raise more funds at our event.  We have been targeting small businesses so we do not have to deal with the nightmare of corporate bureaucracy and I think we have been pretty successful.  Today was no exception so we met up and went to Cranston to find some businesses that we thought could help us.  We went to a bunch of businesses and today I think we were a little more successful than we were the other day.  Most of the stores and shops that we went into today were happy to help us, but also the process was made a little easier because most of the owners were already there or working behind the counter.  After hearing about the organization of Children’s Wishes, the advertising we would provide them in return, and that we were happy to accept anything they were willing to provide most of the owners were quick to donate to our cause.  Also if the owner was not present the person working was generally very friendly offered us the owner’s contact information and allowed us to hang up a flyer in the store. We spent a few hours doing this today in addition to picking up a check from a sponsor, revisiting a restaurant/bar that we went to the other day, and we also had a meeting with Chris.  The restaurant/bar we revisited today gave as another gift card and allowed us to drop off some table tents that we made up that so we could advertise our event to their customers.  The lady we have been speaking to there is incredibly nice and it seems like she wants to do more to help, but needs to talk about it more with the owner.  Our meeting with Chris was also very productive and we discussed more people/businesses that we should get in touch with that would be likely to help our cause.  We also gave the majority of the raffle items to Chris for safe keeping and discussed how much time we have before the event.  We came to the agreement that pretty soon we are going to have to shift our mindset from our contributors to the planning of the event itself.  We still have work to do in the department of sponsors and donations, but in the near future we do have to shift and make sure we put on the best event we can.  Lastly, at the end of our meeting with Chris we were just shooting the breeze with him for a while and some of the conversation was related to our event and we did get some ideas, but some of it wasn’t.  Either way I think it helps all of us work together as a team and he really cracks me up.  I believe I speak for the team when I say we really scored when we became partners with Chris.

Sunday’s Meeting

At our meeting on Sunday, we just briefly went through what our goals and ideas to follow up through the week.  Our team had decided to implement Kristie’s idea of reaching out and extending our network through LinkedIn.  We are attempting to connect with Providence College alumni for donations, but specifically we are going out of our way to get in touch with alumni associated Alex and Ani (the bracelet company) and Hasboro Children’s hospital.  We think these two companies would be happy to help our cause so we will see how it works out in the coming week.  Also, we completed our group assessments together on Google Docs.  Mike and Liz were able to complete their individual assessments as well.  I cannot get the system to work for me.  It continually signs me out after thirty seconds and then will not allow me to sign back in.  I will discuss the issue with my team later and attempt to figure out why I am having such difficulty.  At first I thought it was an internet connection issue at my house, but it has become clear that is not the issue.  Lastly, I went back to one of the liquor stores in Warwick yesterday that said they would give us a donation and picked up a few bottles of wine and liquor from them so we can raffle them together at our event.  They were so nice and generous with their donations and they also said they would be happy to help give more in the future as well.  Both the owner and the manager would like to continue to give to causes such as ours in future semesters of Organizational Theory.

Meeting at Warwick Lanes

Tonight the three of us drove over to check out our venue and meet up with our community partner, Dana, and her great contact, Chris.

We were able to be inspired with some ideas of how to set up our event by actually being there and seeing the location. We ironed out some logistics and talked about things that can be done in the next week.

Cardi’s Furniture is donating two $250 gift cards to our raffle! East Commerce Solutions gave Dana a $2,000 sponsorship for all Children’s Wishes events upcoming as well (while this can’t count towards our funding, we will surely recognize them as a sponsor). And by next weekend, Mike, Pat, and I will find a time when the three of us can go around and ask for more local donations in the Warwick area.

When talking about how to spread the word, Chris mentioned that he had a contact with the Girl Scouts. He is going to send us the contact information, but hopefully we will be able to get some troop members of either Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts to attend our event.
Dana and her intern are going to put our flyer up on their website and enable an online donation option once we add the new sponsors to the flyer. She is also going to send us some more official papers on sponsorship so that we can hand them out when we ask around next week. We’ve decided that we will give companies the option of donating items or having their logo appear at our event ($100 for appearing on all of the tables and $200 for having a lane named after your business).
Over the next week, we will be setting up a Google page to organize early sign-ups so that we can all view and edit it.

Team Progress: Recap Of What We’ve Been Up To This Week

Today we completed out team challenge of raising $51.50, but Liz posted in depth about our adventures today so see her post for further details.

After collecting the money, we met with Chris again for further planning. We printed out our first batch of flyers and we decided to change some details on the flyers like the sponsors logos and other technical details. We also discussed catering for the event and contacted Sofia’s Tuscan Grille and they committed to catering the event free of charge! We called a DJ who is a client of Chris’ and he committed to DJ for a very low fee of $50. We are currently looking into more donations from restaurants and shops for our raffle. Chris is us helping get in touch with a contact who might be able to donate a TV for a raffle so we are very excited for that!

Our next focus will be on posting flyers, visiting schools, and advertising in the area. We will also continue to ask for donations for raffle items like Liz did this past weekend.

We are planning on meeting with Chris and one of his contacts at the Bowling Alley on March 19 to continue our planning process.

After our meeting with Chris we rushed back to meet with the class as a whole at 8:30.

An Idea for the Organization

At our meeting yesterday Mike, LIz, and I talked about how helpful it would be if we had some start up cash so we could put together other events before our main event.  After a little brainstorming, we thought that we could include the entire organization and possibly do something similar to late night pancakes.  It was such a success last time and we put it together in just a couple days.  Now we have weeks to plan and we already have some experience in how to be successful in this endeavor.  We thought this would be a great way for the organization to come together as a whole and pull together a little money for each teams’ next event.  We also brainstormed a couple events that we as a team could do on our own although we are still undecided on the best course of action.  We think these side events will be beneficial to us and to the organization as a whole because as the old saying goes “you need to have money to make money.”

Meeting Today!

Today we met again in our usual spot in Suites.

The following are some points we touched upon during the course of our meeting.

  1. We discussed going to the Bowling Ally with Chris but may need to wait since our schedules are not aligned at this time.
  2. The flyers for our event will be done by Sunday night. We decided that we would make flyers in stages because we definitely want to include a batch of flyers with the child’s face on it. We also at some point will want to include flyers with our event sponsors on it. So we will start with basic flyers just to get the word out and as information becomes available we will print more from there. Chris works at a technology company where they can print a large amount of flyers for us, so we thank him for being a rescource with regards to our flyer
  3.  Liz emailed Steve Sears last week and we’re hoping to meet with him to discuss possibly having transpiration from campus to our event in Warwick on April 27. He still has not gotten back to us.
  4. We are continuing to wait on a response from Dana who is looking into children whose families would be available to actually participate in the event. We are eager to choose I child to sponsor who is available on that date. We are currently waiting on her to make a decision on which child we are going to sponsor. Once we have that information, flyers will be made with pictures and other information about the child.
  5. Liz spoke to the editor and chief at COWL this week. Unfortunately, his response was not what we had hoped for. He said they do not advertise unless it is a week before the event and they only allocate an 8th of the page to the advertisement. We are currently looking into other avenues of advertising our event on the COWL. If anyone has any ideas, please let us know!
  6. Liz also spoke to a representative at PC TV to inquire about advertising though them as well. Similar to the COWL they do not advertise until 2 weeks before an event, but we now know how to go about filling out the correct forms for this!
  7.  I spoke with the head of sports broadcasting at WDOM and his news was positive. He said that we should write a blurb about our event and email it to him so we can distribute it to the shows and have them say a advertise leading up to our event.
  8. We plan on meeting with Chris next week to have further discussions about places we can ask to donate food as well as raffle ideas. After that meeting we plan on visiting some restaurants and local shops to see if they would be willing to donate supplies/ food/ raffles to our event.
  9. We also discussed fundraising on the side to raise some capital before hand. We also talked about possibly doing a fundraiser as a whole organization like we did with the pancake and then distributing the profits to the teams for petty cash to help with funds necessary for their main event.  We also further discussed some ideas we could personally do as a team to have some fundraising on the side to make some start up capital.