Updated Income Statement

Be sure to check out our updated income statement at the top of the page, or click the link below.

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Preparing, Planning, and Bowling

So we had more than a busy weekend preparing for our event, hammering out the details, and finally throwing the First Annual Bowling for Wishes event.  Our day started at about 1 o’clock on Saturday when we started our drive down to Warwick.  We met up with Chris at his house and began putting together the gift baskets which we wanted to give away as raffle prizes.  We organized the prizes in a manner that we thought would make the most sense to be put together and gave the baskets creative names, but we weren’t even close to done yet.  Then we went to the dollar store with Chris to pick out decorations, another couple baskets, along with glow sticks and other essentials for the event.  We also went on a mission to find stamps, raffle tickets, and cellophane to wrap the baskets which was actually harder to find than anyone expected.  After we got all of the essentials we went to Chris’s shop to use his supplies and tools to put together the sponsorship boards and the raffle prizes board.  We each had our own tasks such as typing what needed to be printed, cutting the pieces of paper, gluing the pieces to the poster board, and laminating flyers.  Everything ended up looking great, but once again we were amazed by how much time was consumed.  Through all of this we made jokes, talked about the event, and generally had a good time.  When we finished at the shop, we went to Chris’s house again, put the finishing touches on the baskets and then ordered a feast of pizzas from one of our sponsors.  All in all, a good, fun, and productive day.

The next day we left for Warwick at 10:45 to pick up balloons for the event and gift cards for Chris and Dana.  We then went to Chris’s house to pick up the rest of the decorations and gift baskets we needed.  We then went to bowling alley and put up those decorations.  This included putting paper up on the glass doors to block the daylight, making a few last minute signs, hanging balloons at the entrances, setting up tables for the raffle and DJ, and speaking with the employees of the bowling alley so we could have the entire operation run smoothly.

Once the event started, time really began to fly.  People seemed to show up all at once buying their lanes and raffle tickets.  This time went by like a blur.  We did give away prizes for certain bowling competitions, we did an interview with a local newspaper, took pictures, attempted to video tape the important parts of the event and everyone seemed to have a fun time.  We did the raffle towards the end of the event and I think the prizes we had were definitely something the people at the event wanted.  After the raffle we had about another half hour of bowling and then cleaned up all the decorations we had put up and went out with our group for a Rhode Island specialty.  Hot wieners all the way, mousetraps, and coffee milk.  We went with Chris, his family, and some of the guys he works with at Tech 911 and had a good time with them.

Finishing the event has a bittersweet feeling.  We worked really hard and put a lot hours into this event so we are all delighted that it was a success, but at the same time now its over.  We all agreed to keep in touch and I look forward to seeing everyone again in the future.  It’s not goodbye, it’s I’ll see you later.

Event Completed Updated “What We’ve Raised Page”

Our event has come and gone and we thought yesterday was a great success! It was great to finally see our hard work go into action and finally realize the fruits of our labor over the entire semester! After our event we have made $1005! That has brought us to a grand total of $3,330.73 donated to Children’s Wishes this semester. It was a great feeling finally handing all that money over to Dana and Children’s Wishes and we were really happy with the outcome of our event. More details to come.

Check out the final “What We’ve Raised Page” to see a full breakdown of our progress throughout the semester!

What We’ve Raised Link


Money Collected!

We are excited to announce that our PF Changs event went better than we had planned. We raised $123.23! After leaving we thought that this was not going to do well, but we were pleasantly surprised to hear that PF Changs had donated that money to Childrens Wishes on our behalf. Our grand total now is $2,325.73!

We have updated our “What We’ve Raised Page”, click the link below to see our progress! We are very excited for our main event this Sunday at Meadowbrook lanes!

What We’ve Raised Link

Group Meeting and Updated “What We’ve Raised Page”

Today we met to create a schedule for the following week. Our event is scheduled for this Sunday, so we are definitely feeling a sense of urgency. We are planing on taking shifts outside P.F. Changs on Wednesday handing out flyers/coupons for our event. People who use our coupons at P.F. Changs for dinner Wednesday night will have 20% of their bill donated directly to Childrens Wishes.

We are planning on getting final decorations and other supplies for our event on Friday and Saturday. We are also planning on making our own sponsor board, so supplies for that will need to be purchased as well.

Finally, Liz was able to secure $85 of pure donations to Childrens Wishes so our “What We’ve Raised” page has been updated to reflect a total amount of $2,202.50 donated to Childrens Wishes thus far. We are very excited about our event coming up this week and can’t wait to finally see the results of our labor over the entire semester.

Today’s Update

I called some contacts that Chris had provided at our last meeting and had great success today.  The first person I spoke with told me “you caught me off guard, but email me and I’m sure we can do something to help.”  So I called the next place and received their voice mail so I will give them another call tomorrow.  The next person I called is the one I am most excited about.  I called Dave who owns a snow cone truck and asked if he was available to come to Providence College and sell snow cones to the students during the day on Saturday.  There is a large event going on off-campus this Saturday and Dave said he was available on Saturday and that he would be happy to cut his profits with our organization 20%.  He also said he would check his calendar to see if he was available on the 26th as well.  I was amazed by quickly and easily I was able to establish this contact and how ready he was to help.  I emailed both of the contacts I spoke with today and I hope to hear back from them soon and continue to keep in touch with them.  I hope everyone is craving a snow cone this weekend as much as I am.

More Sponsors!! And our plan for the next week!

Our team has shifted its focus from sitting in our weekly meetings and planning our event to really get involved and getting things done. We’ve spent a lot of hours in the car driving between Warwick, East Providence and Cranston utilizing connections we’ve made. Being that none of us are from this area this initially seemed like to would be difficult, but if you read the previous posts, to our surprise we have found a lot of success!

Besides the list of sponsors from last week we are happy to announce a few more to our list!


Salon Valente                                     donated $25 gift card to our raffle.

Hooters                                                 donated 4 t-shirts, 4 coupons, 4 playing cards to our raffle

Character’s Café                                     donated $20 gift card to our raffle

Cameo Cakes                                     donated $25 gift card to our raffle

True Sent Candles                         donated a basket of candles to our raffle

Picasso’s Pizza Pub                         donated $50 gift card as well as a lane. They put up our table tents!

Faray Nails                                    donated $20 donation

Larry’s Liquors                                     donated a wine basket to our raffle.

Meadow Brook Lanes                        donated fountain soda and their facility as well

LDC                                                 donated $100 for sponsorship and possibly some jewelry


These are the places that we went to and immediately sponsored! There were many others that we went to that said they would give the proposal to their manager and get back to us! We are planning on returning to each of these places within the next week.


As Pat mentioned in the previous post, we met with Chris to get more flyers and deliver our donated items to his place. We were very excited to give him the fruits of our labor and get his feedback. He said we were doing a great job and he was impressed. As we were all sitting in the room feeling proud of ourselves for getting out there and securing all these sponsorships to my surprise Chris then told us we needed to double our efforts. His attitude reminded me of Tom. Never settle. Chris said over the next week we are going to have to meet many more times as well as doubling the results of sponsorship. I think his mindset comes from doing this before and understanding what’s involved with putting on an event of this magnitude. He knows just how to motivate us and always keeps our egos in balance by never letting us settle for anything. That’s not to say we don’t know how to motivate ourselves, Chris just knows how to play devils advocate by always finding a way to give us more motivation to better ourselves. So we are set up to “double down” our efforts and get way more sponsors. We always seem to find a new level of motivation after meeting with Chris.


I think for our team this is a really important step in the process because getting raffle items is really the only variable left in this process. Next week, our mindset will shift from getting sponsorship and raffle items to setting up logistics of how this event will be happening on that day. Who will be delivering the sponsor board and when? When will Sofia’s deliver the food and set up? How will the balloons be getting there and who will be there to receive them? There are so many of these types of questions that still needs to be worked out. All of our items are being donated and our expenses for this event are still $0!! That being said, it’s our reasonability to make sure all the donated items make their way to the bowling alley by April 27. All of these sorts of questions still need to be worked out and this is where we are headed next week after we secure our sponsorships.

We are also planning on doubling the amount of advertising we have been doing. We are printing hundreds of flyers and getting to local schools to get the word out there even more!


Getting more and more flyers and table tents!



Getting our flyers on as many surfaces as possible! Keep going and never stop until you can’t walk anymore!


Today’s Adventures

Mike, Pat, and I just returned from over two hours of “sponsor hunting.” After printing out flyers, sponsorship paperwork, and tax exemption forms, we drove around Warwick searching for small businesses, asking for sponsors or raffle items. If neither of these options were possible, we asked to at least hang a flyer so that more people know about our event.

In the car before our first stop, Mike brought up a good point. We needed to emphasize that we are going to advertise their company in return for their donations. We expect over 200 people at our event and expect our flyers to reach MANY more, so sponsoring us would be helpful to Children’s Wishes as well as their business. With this in mind, we went from store to store, restaurant to restaurant asking for people interested in helping out.

Chris had suggested to go to Hooters because they had hosted a wing night for Children’s Wishes in the past. There, we were given 4 wing coupons, 4 t-shirts, and playing cards. This valued out to be roughly $100. The manager on duty took our information and told us he would speak with his boss about possible gift cards.

A pizza shop, Picasso’s, gave us a $25 gift card and promised us another if we came back the following week. We asked if we could use their busy establishment to advertise with our flyers on tables and she agreed if we came back next week with the table tents. She also told us that she would talk to her boss about possibly sponsoring a lane. A nail salon gave us $20 cash donation. A few liquor stores seemed that they were happy to help, but needed us to return back when the boss was there. They may give us gift cards or bottles of wine when we go back next week.

We were also suggested to call the owner of LDC to donate jewelry or possibly sponsor the event. He seems on board with helping, but wanted us to e-mail him with the papers first! Fingers crossed!

The truth is, we did receive many “NO’s.” However, we also ended up with a few small donations, flyers up around local venues, and some promising conversations to follow up on. What was there to lose?

Donate Online!

After speaking with Dana about our desire to fundraise online, but our hesitancy to use online sites that take some of our funds. We had Dana help to set up an ability to donate online on their website under “bowl-a-thon.”

Click here to go to the donation page of Children’s Wishes, then after entering a donation amount and filling out the details, the bottom of the page gives an option of “donation type.” One of the scroll down options is Bowl-a-thon! Children’s wishes will be keeping track of the donations that come in honor of our event and will update us accordingly.

Now we just need to market this ability!

Students have big hearts!… and more discretionary income



We made a cereal box into a collection box and printed off some flyers. We decided that while it is easy to get the word out to students via Twitter and Facebook, administration and faculty might not have the same opportunity to learn about our group, People Helping People, and our mission. Therefore, we decided it would be helpful if we targeted a different group of people with our fundraising efforts. We made the decision to go to offices within Harkins and talk to adults. There we would tell them about People Helping People and also be able to make a shameless plug for our event in April (seeing as many of them are parents who may want to bring their kids to the bowling event). After passing some time in Harkins, we realized that we were getting only negative responses, as people were questioning if this was okay and if SAIL had approved. We decided since this week only allotted us limited time to do our fundraising that we needed a different plan.

Mike and I each split up and went to different dorms to advertise door-to-door and collect donations. (Pat is already en route to Boston for his tests, so could not join. Good luck, Pat!) I decided I would try Meagher Hall because I knew that no other team had gone there yet. Mike tried Suites.

Wow! Thank you so very much to all who donated! We were so impressed. In Meagher, I had one room donate $10 and one $5 and then nearly every other room gave a dollar or two and some spare change. We touched base after our dorm-to-dorm fundraising and realized that together our total was $51.50! Thank you PC students for your generosity.

We would keep fundraising tonight, but Mike and I have a meeting in Warwick with Chris from Tech911 about raffle ideas and then we will come back just in time for our meeting with Friars Fight Cancer and directly following that, we have our organizational meeting. AKA: Spring break is going to be a well deserved one!

Great news: Todd Incantalupo was able to put up a slide about People Helping People on Chanel 87. It will be there until the end of the year!!