Meeting with Children’s Wishes

Today my teammates and I took a quick ride down to Warwick, RI to meet with the Executive Director of Children’s Wishes.  Her name is Dana and she was incredibly helpful, energetic, and enthusiastic about our organizations teaming up.  She asked about what our ideas were and then told us which ideas she thought would be the most effective and efficient.  We have decided that we would like to have an event at a bowling alley and Dana told us that she could give us the contact information of a bowling alley owner who expressed interest in helping the cause, but currently nothing has been set up towards making this idea a reality.  We think the bowling alley is a fun and low cost way to help grant the wish of a child.  We can set up the event with the owner and Dana said she would be happy to help us advertise by putting the event up on their Facebook page and emailing her contacts.  In addition, we think bowling would be something a lot of PC students might be interested in doing on a weekend (especially for a good cause) so we could advertise around campus too. Also, we learned about the kids that Children’s Wishes is working for such as their interests and what their wishes are.  We have yet to decide which child’s wish we will be working towards granting, but it is something we can talk about at our next group meeting.  Dana also told us about other organizations at Providence College that are currently fundraising for Children’s Wishes and gave us their contact information as well.  We have already reached out to one of the groups in hopes that we could team up and do even more.  They seem excited to work with us and are currently just double checking that it’s okay if we help out at their upcoming fundraiser at the basketball game on Tuesday night.  We also have a lot of other ideas such as possibly doing a raffle at the bowling alley or selling t-shirts, but all in all we had a really great day and are excited about how many possibilities and approaches we realized are right in front of us.